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Folding Chair Racks

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Folding chairs are great for family get togethers, hosting dinner parties, or picnics. Camping chairs are also convenient for sporting events, vacations, and camping. However, storing them can be quite the hassle. They are usually tucked away in the corner of the garage, taking up half of a closet, or cluttering a storage room. These racks allow you to store 8 to 15 folding chairs. The Camping Chair Rack allows you to store up to 12 camping chairs. Choose the one that fits your needs.

These racks can cut clutter in your garage, storage room, or closet. The Folding Chair Holders and Camping Chair Rack are made with industrial steel, allowing an effortless hold of the chairs. The hooks are coated in rubber to protect the chairs. The rack is powder coated for durability.

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Folding chairs are great for parties and get togethers, but finding a place to store them, often is a pain. They usually get stacked in the garage, a closet, or a utility room. Monkey Bars offers the best storage solution for those chairs. Other options are big, bulky, and hold way too many chairs for the average family. This rack holds the maximum amount of chairs in a minimal amount of space. These folding chair holders are built by Monkey Bars, and so they are built to last. Each rack can hold up to 200lbs of weight, easily holding up to 15 chairs. They are strong because they are built with industrial steel that has been powder coated. The hooks are coated with rubber so they won't damage your chairs as they are being placed on and off the rack. Here we have the Large Folding Chair Rack and the Small Folding Chair Rack. The Large Folding Chair Holder comes with a 15 inch longer Monkey Bar and it comes with an additional hook that will hold up to five more chairs. These racks are great because they conveniently store your folding chairs up off the garage floor and they come with a lifetime warranty.

*Each rack comes with a lifetime warranty and free shipping. Orders placed before 3 pm Eastern Standard Time will be shipped out that same day. See additional shipping and warranty details by clicking on the links below.